DV Awareness Toolkit

Domestic Violence Community Awareness ToolKit

A few years ago, DVRP’s A/PI Community Outreach Assessment determined that the DC A/PI community (including community leaders and services providers) wanted to become more proactive regarding domestic violence and sexual assault in the community. However, most assessment participants indicated they only had a basic understanding of the issues. They did not feel capable of consistently identifying signs of abuse.

In light of the Community Outreach Assessment, this toolkit was created to fulfill the following goals:

  • Strengthen the ability of A/PI organizations and community leaders to effectively recognize signs of domestic violence and sexual assault; and
  • Facilitate a collaborative community response to domestic violence and sexual assault by establishing a referral process to DVRP.

DVRP’s Community Awareness Toolkit is available in the following languages:

DVRP Toolkit (English)

DVRP Toolkit (Chinese)

DVRP_Toolkit (Hindi)

DVRP Toolkit (Japanese)

DVRP Toolkit (Korean)


DVRP_Toolkit (Urdu)

DVRP Toolkit (Vietnamese)

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