DVRP | Article

Our Structure

DVRP is a non-hierarchical organization, comprised of women and men who are committed to ending domestic violence in the A/PI community in the DC area.

  • Board of Directors consists of a maximum of eleven members. Board nomination is open to the public and all candidates are required to complete an application and interview. Board members are elected (by the current board at the time of elections – every February) for a two-year term, during which they must make a commitment to regularly attend monthly Board meetings and actively take the lead in at least one DVRP committee.
  • Board Advisors are a group of past board members who still want to be involved and support DVRP by providing institutional memory and guidance to current board members.
  • Committees include of volunteers, board members, and staff. The committees provide a structure by which community members can actively engage in DVRP. The Outreach Materials Committee assists with developing outreach materials such as brochures and the website. The Fundraising Committee organizes fundraising events and other development projects. The Program Committee helps with program evaluatoin and assessment. The Grants Committee researches grant opportunities and helps with grant writing.
  • Staff runs DVRP’s day to day operations and programs, and works to accomplish DVRP’s mission and goals.
  • Volunteer Advocates provide direct services to A/PI survivors of domestic violence who contact DVRP for assistance. Volunteer Advocates make a one-year commitment.
  • Bilingual Advocates are individuals who are bilingual (and usually bicultural) and who are paid on a on-call basis as consultants to provide direct services to limited English proficient A/PI survivors of domestic violence. Bilingual Advocates make one-year commitment.
  • Community Outreach Volunteers assist in raising awareness about domestic violence and DVRP.
  • Volunteers and Interns participate in committees, assist in administrative tasks and/or design special projects that are geared to their interests and contribute to DVRP’s programs.