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DVRP Call to Action: Dismantling Anti-Blackness in our Communities

Call to Action for our A/PI Community

Dear our A/PI community and Partner Organizations, 

The Domestic Violence Resource Project (DVRP) works to end gender-based violence by dismantling the root causes of violence stemming from racism, xenophobia, and white supremacy. We are acutely aware of how anti-Black racism including racial profiling, biases, surveillance, and discrimination are a part of the communities and the systems we engage with. We recognize the role of unequal policies and actions committed by the state, police, and law enforcement in the increased systemic violence against Black communities resulting in murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, and countless unnamed others.   

DVRP stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and is committed to dismantling anti-Black racism. This includes confronting and addressing our complicity as Asian and Pacific Islander (A/PI) folks who benefit from the Model Minority myth and are often bystanders to state sanctioned violence against Black people.    

As an A/PI organization that uses a feminist, anti-racist lens, we have been working to raise awareness on anti-racist violence and bias over the past 25 years, including post-9/11 and during the current pandemic. DVRP is committed to taking the following actions to bring about change: 

  • We will name the connections between racism and oppressions that intersect with intimate partner violence and sexual assault.   
  • We pledge to continue our organizational development that is grounded in an anti-racism, anti-oppression, intersectional lens, both as a non-profit and for all of us individually. 
  • We are committed to our ongoing professional development with the help of experts in racial equity. 
  • We will deepen our relationship with Black-led organizations, especially in the gender-based violence space. 
  • We will work with individuals and organizations that are using a racial justice framework. 
  • We will actively take feedback from our community to know what we can do better as an organization to show up for the communities we serve.  
  • We will speak out when organizations and individuals perpetuate anti-Black language or actions and promote accountability.    

DVRP leadership and staff is made of diverse A/PI women committed to deepening our partnership with Black-led anti-violence organizations. We pledge to educate ourselves, raise awareness in our communities, and call out anti-Blackness we witness in our personal and professional lives.  

We have started having deep, meaningful conversations on racism and A/PI complicity within the DVRP staff. This is the time to continue having these conversations with our friends, family, and community. We invite you to learn from resources such as the letters for Black Lives which has A/PI translations and the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit.  

We are on this collective journey with you to dismantle white supremacy and stand in solidarity and allyship with the Black community.  Join us as we commit to ensuring that #BlackLivesMatter. 

Thank you for your continued support! 

In Solidarity,

The DVRP Team