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Community Outreach Program

The Community Outreach Program is devoted to increasing awareness about the dynamics and impact of domestic violence in Asian/Pacific Islander communities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Domestic violence is often misconstrued as an issue between two individuals. Domestic violence destroys individuals, families, and communities.

In order to end domestic violence, every member of the community must work together to understand and take steps to support survivors and hold abusers accountable. DVRP facilitates group dialogues to examine the reality of domestic violence and ways to respond as individuals and as a community.

Community Outreach Program activities include:

  • Educational workshops, presentations, trainings;
  • Film screenings;
  • Community dialogues;
  • Dissemination of educational materials;
  • Enlisting community members as supporters and allies

In the past, DVRP has worked with the following groups:

  • Community-based organizations;
  • Women’s groups;
  • Formal and informal associations;
  • Faith-based institutions;
  • Businesses;
  • College and youth groups; and
  • Professional groups (i.e. medical, legal, etc.)

Please contact us if:

  • You would like to invite DVRP to speak with your community group; or
  • You know of community centers, businesses, places of worship, etc., that would support our work or allow us to display information about domestic violence and services available to assist survivors.
    DVRP relies on bilingual and bicultural community members to conduct outreach to local A/PI communities. If you are interested in helping increase community awareness about domestic violence, please click here.