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DVAM 2019: Importance of Raising Awareness

This month’s first article is in observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Throughout October, hundreds of advocacy groups provide outlets for expression and avenues for education. Programming spans from community trainings to social media information campaigns to healing workshops and more. As a national campaign, DVAM draws attention to the fight against domestic violence. What […]

Guest Writer: Kristina Smelser and Immigrant Experiences

A Forgotten People By Kristina Smelser In failing to comprehend the sheer scale of Asian and Pacific Islander migration into the United States, our society largely tends to discount these immigrants as unworthy of culturally-specific support and resources.  Since 2010, the number of South and East Asian immigrants arriving in the U.S. has surmounted that […]

Guest Writer: Janet Namkung and Mental Health

My “Rebellious” Journey to Talking About My Mental Health By Janet Namkung “Hi, my name is Janet, and I am an Asian American mental health advocate who is still in recovery, every day.” For the longest time, saying those words felt like a coming out story or something I was ashamed of – so I’m […]