Board of Directors Recruitment

DVRP is currently recruiting members for its Board of Directors. The Board members play an active role in the governance and leadership of DVRP.

Responsibilities of Serving on DVRP’s Board. Board members are expected to do the following:

  • Working with the Executive Director (ED)/CEO and Board in developing and implementing DVRP’s strategic plan.
  • Reviewing agenda and supporting materials prior to monthly board and committee meetings.
  • Approving DVRP’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; being informed of, and meeting all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Contributing to an annual performance evaluation of the ED/CEO.
  • Assisting the ED/CEO and Board in identifying and recruiting other board members.
  • Partnering with the ED/CEO and other Board members to ensure that Board goals are carried out .
  • Serving on committees or task forces that support the Board and DVRP’s mission and taking on special assignments.
  • Representing DVRP’s to stakeholders and acting as an ambassador for the organization

Fundraising Requirement.  Each Board member is expected to make a good faith effort to raise donations for DVRP annually.  Board members shall consider DVRP as a philanthropic priority and shall solicit contributions from foundations, organizations and/or individuals.

Board terms.  Current members are professionals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and commit a significant amount of time towards DVRP. Board members will serve a two-year term and will be eligible for re-appointment for an additional term.

Qualifications. We are currently recruiting candidates with at least five years of experience in any of the following fields and prior Board experience is preferred:

  • Fiscal Management / Accounting
  • Non-Profit Administration
  • Development / Fundraising
  • Grant writing

In addition, the Board candidate should have extensive professional and leadership experience, have skills in cultivating relationships with stakeholders, and possess personal qualities of integrity, credibility and a passion for DVRP’s mission and values.

The Board position is perfect for individuals with a dedication to ending domestic violence and sexual assault in the Asian/Pacific Islander community.  To apply, please e-mail a resume and cover letter to