Be A Peer Champion

Interested in helping your community?

Apply to be a Peer Champion for DVRP’s #UsToo Campaign!

About the #UsToo Campaign  

Asian/Pacific Islander immigrant women, particularly those who are undocumented and those with limited English proficiency, have huge barriers in finding sustainable work with fair wages. DVRP recognizes the power imbalances that contribute to workplace sexual harassment and is proud to announce its partnership with Times Up from January 2019-April 2020. Through the #UsToo project, DVRP aims to build the leadership capacity of women in the community, encourage survivors (including immigrant and refugee A/PI community members) to speak out about their experiences; and recruit and train women to become peer champions to combat work place sexual harassment.


What is a Peer Champion? 

A Peer Champion is someone who wants to educate and share with their peers and community information about their rights in the workplace, especially around sexual harassment. You do not need to be an expert, just have a community you’re a part of and the desire to make a difference.

What do Peer Champions do? 

Peer Champions do 3 things: 1) attend 4 trainings with DVRP (4 hours/training); 2) Do outreach in your community on work place sexual harassment and to recruit future peer champions; 3) hold your own trainings/discussions with peers in your community to share what you have learned.
DVRP will build and support your existing leadership qualities!  


What Supports do Peer Champions Receive? 

Peer Champions will receive $1000 for their role in this project. Peer Champions will also get in-person training, resources, and ongoing support from DVRP staff. DVRP staff will help you plan your trainings, and make sure you have all the information and materials you need.  


What is the Time Commitment? 

Peer Champions will be selected by February and must participate in 16 hours of training (1 session a week, 4 hours at a time) with DVRP staff from February 2020 – Mid March 2020.  

Peer Champions will do 20 hours of community outreach from March 2020– May 2020

Peer Champions will hold three workshops for community members from
May 2020 – August  2020 

Total Time Commitment: 42 hours (Feb-Aug 2020)


Who is Eligible to Apply?

DVRP is looking for 5 Peer Champions! Peer Champions must be in low-wage or shift work. Peer Champions should speak an A/PI language but have some fluency in English. We encourage people with lived experience of work-place sexual harassment to apply. All are encouraged to apply. 


How Can I Apply? 

If you or someone you know would like to apply to be a Peer Champion email Lauren Pires, at

Please include your name, how to contact you, what languages you speak, what your job is, and why you are interested in being a Peer Champion.